Community Presbyterian Church - NEXT


What is next with NEXT?


More specific, what is next with CPC and NEXT. From time to time you have previously heard talk of NEXT ( NEXT is an independent, grass roots organization dedicated to the present and future faithfulness and success of our Presbyterian Church, USA.

NEXT seeks to:

  • provide hopeful space for robust conversations about the theology, culture, and the practice of ministry,
  • to serve as a catalyst for new mission callings, and to support strong leadership in a time of adaptive change.


NEXT has approached Community Presbyterian, SJC to become one of two congregations in a pilot program. In essence, we would become a demonstration congregation to explore and experiment. NEXT is offering us financial resources to be a part of this project. There are details to be worked out, however our Session has expressed our great interest in this relationship.

Why us? Why not us!

Modestly, we are a great congregation--with greater potential. We recognize this, and so does NEXT. Our Session’s current specific goals of worship and mission development coupled with a commitment to be a learning community impressed NEXT and attracted them to us.

So what is next with this next thing with NEXT?

The Session is ironing out the details. We are beginning the search for a nationally known church coach/consultant (funded by NEXT) to assist our introspection, planning and implementation. Since this is a pilot program, there is no template. We are plowing new ground. Right now: pray for the planting and for the eventual harvest.

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